Amy Winehouse falls through her own cracks

There is nothing sadder than seeing a talented person throw their gifts away and make one self-destructive mistake after another.

Here we have millionaire Grammy Award-winning singer Amy Winehouse, who the British press follows the way the American paparazzi trail Britney. 

Their papers are filled daily with photos showing the toll drug and drink are taking on the very young singer. Her teeth are falling out of her head, her skin looks like a Pox victim from the Medieval times, her skin on her body looking dry, losing elasticity as it hangs on her emaciated frame.

Her family watches on the side lines as more catastrophe befalls their daughter. 

Amy was due to be questioned by police on Friday over an alleged recent assault, Reuters UK is reporting.

Winehouse’s personal life is a Tsunami of ill-spent energy draining the singer. Her drug addiction and constant chaotic life is exacerbated by the fact her enabling drug-addicted husband is in jail on charges of assaulting a man.

Winehouse, 24, was due to report to a police station on Friday to face questions over an alleged assault, her spokesman said.

“Amy Winehouse will be voluntarily attending a London police station today by appointment with the police,” her spokesman said. “We understand that she will be questioned in connection with an alleged incident in Camden in the early hours of April 23, 2008.”

The latest incident was that Winehouse allegedly punched a 38 year-old man in the street during a night out, according to UK newspaper reports.

Reuters notes that Amy’s police visit came the same day husband Blake Fielder-Civil appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Several times Winehouse has checked herself into rehab, even following the controversial video showing a blonde Amy smoking a crack pipe.

Last year, she was arrested in Norway for possession of Marijuana. She paid a fine and later found out that under Norwegian law, paying the fine is equivalent to pleading guilty.

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