‘American Idol’ Recap: What about the women?

Last night’s American Idol had the women up for their take on the Seventies, and right up front I will tell you for the most part, they picked some lame songs.  Even judge Randy was puzzled by their choices throughout the night. <P></P> <P>Ryan Seacrest kicks off the night as the 10 remaining "Idol" women must reveal "One Thing America Might Not Know About Them."</P> <P>Well, if you want a girl who can keep house and pour a mean Guinness, the transplanted Irish lass <STRONG>Carly Smithson</STRONG> is your dreamboat.</P> <P>She works in a San Diego pub by day, and it has already spilled out in the blogosphere that her initial record deal went sour, with a reported couple of million bucks spent trying to promote it.  Her husband is a tattoo artist who has covered his face in ink. </P> <P>Carly sings Heart’s "Crazy on You." </P> <P>Best performance of the night for me.  Randy and Paula have nothing but love, and Simon says. "You are an incredible singer. I don’t think any of these girls can touch you vocally."</P> <P>Next is <STRONG>Syesha Mercado</STRONG>, and actress who does local TV commercials in Miami.  She also imitates a baby wailing – and what effective birth control that would be if you could market it somehow.</P> <P>Syesha sings "Me and Mrs. Jones."</P> <P>Randy and Paula weren’t feeling her tonight.  Simon says she picked a ridiculous song for her, not a clever choice.</P> <P>Quirky <STRONG>Brooke White</STRONG> is a "beauty school" dropout and man can she cut a fast, mean head of hair! Yet her hair seems a tad retro and dated, but hey, long hair that is healthy looking always trumps a bob.</P> <P>Brooke sings "You’re So Vain," with an accompanied guitar, and she does a good job. </P> <P>Paula and Randy dig it and goof that Brooke was singing to Simon. Simon totally loves the performance and doesn’t care if anyone thinks he’s vain, he makes a gazillion bucks telling people what to do.  </P> <P>Miramar Florida cutie <STRONG>Ramiele Malubay</STRONG> does the Huka Huka and other Polynesian dances as a child.</P> <P>She sings the big disco hit, "Don’t Leave Me This Way." </P> <P>Randy and Paula said she could have done better, she has a good voice and the song wasn’t the best for her and Simon says that song has been forever ruined for him for being played out at "ghastly weddings." He does tell her she is one of the three best singers in the competition.</P> <P>Horsey McTomboy <STRONG>Kristy Lee Cook</STRONG> can ride horses, probably never wears makeup and likes to work out all the time.  Girl has a body; all gussied up with hair and makeup, she shined in a slinky get-up that showed off the great figure all that outdoor-sy stuff has given her.</P> <P>She sings "You’re No Good."</P> <P>She looked great, sang it competently and the judges noted it.</P> <P>Paula and Randy note she did great this week and so does Simon. He thinks country is her path to stardom and as he is talking to her, you can see his wheels turning, with his inside voice going: "good looking, country sells millions of records..not my fave type of music but there’s money to be made with this one…"</P> <P>***image5:right***</P> <P>Cruella De Vil, aka <STRONG>Amanda Overmyer</STRONG> is a brainy bookworm rocker who digs reading about …rock stars. </P> <P>Amanda Overmyer belts out "Carry on My Wayward Son." She kind of killed it in a bad way.</P> <P>Randy and Paula are not feeling her at all, they want her to go back to more natural organic bluesy roots a la Janis Joplin and take off all that makeup; Simon cuts it to the core and says her hair and that song have gotta go.</P> <P>Next is <STRONG>Alaina Whitaker</STRONG> is a forgettable kooky obsessive-compulsive who like an annoying little kid doesn’t like the foods on her plate to touch each other. "I definitely try to put my food on, you know, sides, but the worst kind of food is, like, when there’s, you know, like green beans and there’s, like kind of juice and it kind of flows to the other side . . . It’s something that started when I was really little. I actually used a different fork for each food."  Please vote her off!!</P> <P>Alaina warbles, "Hopelessly Devoted to You."</P> <P>Randy and Paula not feeling her but Simon pulls out the "your grandmother styled you for this event!  </P> <P>Little singing prodigy <STRONG>Alexandrea Lushington</STRONG> sang at Ground Zero a couple of months after September 11. </P> <P>Alexandrea sings "If You Leave Me Now." </P> <P>Wow, girl struggled with those low notes-whoo!  Not good. </P> <P>While her annoyed firefighter father looked on, Randy and Paula gave her the 411 and it wasn’t good. Simon says the song has not aged well and is "forever stuck in its time period." </P> <P>Crooked nose, Rich Little of "Idol", <STRONG>Kady Malloy</STRONG> is a virtuoso at mimicking stars, and she can belt out a mean aria or two! Opera, who knew?</P> <P>Kady sings "Magic Man" and I thought for a moment she was going to take a header down the stairs as she descended.  </P> <P>Paula and Randy aren’t McLovin it, and Simon is frustrated that the B-roll filmed Kady is superior to the real-life Kady who seems to fade out on stage.</P> <P>Pretty <STRONG>Asia’H Epperson</STRONG> was a cheerleader, and man that jazz preps you for the pressures of stage – wish I had considered it in high school myself! Fashion alert: The week previous she looked hot, great jeans and halter but her skirt and blouse this week added 20 pounds on camera-bad choice!</P> <P>Paula and especially Randy liked it (he really likes her).  Simon douses the love fest by pointing out the song was too big for her, as it is "one of the ultimate diva songs of all time" and she was not clever enough to know her limitations as a singer.</P> <P><STRONG>Bitch alert:</STRONG> Seacrest pipes in here, and tells Simon had she not taken the risk, Simon might have been negative.  Simon says, "You’ve got to know your limitations, Ryan — something you managed to do quite well in your career." </P> <P>***image3:center***</P> <P>Oof. You can see steam building up under Ryan’s makeup.  Seacrest is livid, he snaps at Simon, "Towards the end of yours, you’ve accomplished a lot too" and at the end of the show again completely ignores thanking Simon and walks immediately off stage and disappears from the camera altogether.</P> <P>See you after the bloodletting!</P><EMBED src=http://www.youtube.com/v/7a9HNUhlnJ0 width=425 height=355 type=application/x-shockwave-flash wmode="transparent"></EMBED>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.

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