‘American Idol': Melinda, Blake and Jordin turn it on

American Idol is on, and the top three perform. 

Each of the contestants are singing three songs.  One chosen by the judges, one by the producers, and one by the singer.

Song 1:

Jordin Sparks hits the stage first.  Simon Cowell has chosen “Wishing on a Star” by Rose Royce. 

Randy liked it a lot.  Simon didn’t like it as much – blaming the arrangement.  She looked GREAT.

Blake Lewis gets Paula’s choice of “Roxanne” by The Police. 

Randy gives him “it was hot.”  Paula loves it.  Simon “wasn’t earth shattering” gets drowned out by booing. Paula shouts him down.

Melinda Doolittle sings Randy’s choice, “I Believe in You and Me,” by Whitney Houston. 

Randy loves it. Paula says one of her best performances. Simon says that Melinda delivers best performance and wins round one. 

Song 2:

Jordin – producers have chosen Donna Summers’ “She Works Hard for the Money” for her. 

This was not her best performance.  The judges all liked it.  Randy says nicely down. Paula thought she was fantastic. Simon says “very good.”

Blake – producers pick “This Love” by Maroon 5. 

He did a GREAT job on this song. The sin of the tuxedo shirt from last week is forgiven. Outstanding performance by him. Randy says that’s the kind of music he will sell, thought it was “very nicely done”.  Paula says its a good night for him.  Simon metes out some praise and it “sounded very comfortable, it was good.” 

Melinda - producers pick an Ike and Tina Turner song.  “Nut Bush City Limits”

Bad song for her. Sorry, you all know I love her too. Randy loves her, Paula loves her, Simon sighs and say it was another brilliant performance.

Song 3:

Jordin picks “I Who Have Nothing” a song she performed earlier in the season.  This was her best song of the season when she did it earlier. 

Randy says it is the best performance of the night, Paula says it sat well, sounded great, but Simon hated the fact a 17 year-old sang an old song, thought it was too old-fashioned of a song and performance.  Booing ensues.

Blake picks a Robin Thicke song. 

He really is working it tonight, singing his HEART out. Randy says its cool, “alright”, Paula plays the Siss neutral card, “great performances” and Simon likes it, he took a risk, and dug his performance. 

Melinda sings “I’m a Woman”. She can sing, why am I not loving this song?

Randy sees the range of Melinda, loves her, Paula says she is stepping out into the spotlight, she’s fantastic, Simon loved her striptease, says she wins based solely on consistency.  I agree. 

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