American Horror Story: Coven, Inside the Coven: Modern Witches (VIDEO)

american-horror-story coven1We’ve just posted a new behind-the-scenes video for FX’s original miniseries, American Horror Story: Coven, which airs Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM ET/PT only on FX.

Inside the Coven: Modern Witches

Go Inside The Coven to learn the finer points of Coven couture with the American Horror Story cast and costume designer. All new Wednesdays at 10p only on FX.

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One of our favorite set decorators is Ellen Brill, who also worked with Ryan Murphy back in the Nip/Tuck days, and I was fortunate to have an interview with back in 2004.

Brill’s inspiration for the AHS:Coven school’s interior came from an image of an actual plantation on The Big Easy, she tells

“It was painted all white, with white floors, and had dark outlined furniture and dark artwork. Every time I saw an image of this place I thought it was in black and white, which I really love—like an old noir film.”

Brill, Ryan Murphy, and production designer, Mark Worthington together created a set with an authentic New Orleans look that doesn’t go for the same instant terror effect as last season’s Asylum.

She tells “I didn’t feel like I was going for the scare factor this time. I just tried to be more true to the culture and architecture here. New Orleans is famous for its voodoo and history of magical things, so I wanted it to feel like it was real and would fit in.” From custom paintings modeled after former witches to furniture with haunting silhouettes, Brill created the ultimate backdrop for a show you’re scared to take your eyes off of.

“Ryan wanted a glacial, icy, cool palette,” Brill says of the white-heavy set. “Every time I went shopping I was looking for something that was a cool white or if the furniture was too wood-tone we would paint it. Then it was figuring out where to leave the wood dark so it would pop against the white.” With the nearly colorless palette, Brill wanted to create a notable backdrop that wouldn’t steal attention from the actors, but also to encourage a mysterious, almost ominous vibe. “I guess you could say you can really see blood on white.”

Also note that the promo photos from episode 11 of “American Horror Story” are out and reveal “Protect The Coven” which is set to air this Wednesday, and marks the beginning of the last three episodes of season 3, “Coven.”

Episode 11 will kick off with the usual “flashback,” and this time viewers will be revisiting Madame LaLaurie in 1830s New Orleans. While we previously witnessed her house of horrors and vile home life and “hobbies”, “Protect The Coven” will explore how she “discover[ed] her penchant for cruelty.”

The flashback will cut back to the modern day, where the Coven will be mourning the loss of Nan.

Viewers will remember that Fiona and Marie Laveau had teamed up in episode 10 to drown poor Nan and sacrifice her innocent soul to Papa Legba.

Nan’s death will lead Cordelia to once again realize that she needs to end her mother Fiona’s reign and protect the Coven.

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