America Ferrera’s smile worth $10 million

America Ferrera’s smile is worth $10 million.  At least that’s the value of an exclusive insurance policy that Aquafresh White Trays has secured for the smile of America Ferrera, star of “Ugly Betty.”

The pricey Lloyd’s of London policy was revealed in New York City yesterday by Aquafresh White Trays, who divulged that Ferrera’s policy is one of the most valuable the prestigious insurer has ever granted for a body part.

The announcement is all part of a drive to raise money for “Smiles for Success,” a nationwide organization that provides free dental care for women transitioning from welfare to work.

Said Ferrera: “I’m proud to partner with Aquafresh White Trays in its commitment to support Smiles for Success — which is a great organization that provides much needed dental care to women as they’re moving from welfare into the workforce.

 This donation from Aquafresh White Trays is a significant amount of money for this cause and will help the women they support to face the world with confidence and that’s something to smile about.”   

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