Amanda Bynes in serious trouble, family frantic to help her

Amanda Bynes’ family is frantic to help her through this chaotic time in her life.

For months her tabloid stories seemed laughable with the “you’re ugly” taunts she hurled at celebrities and strangers alike, and the colored wigs to court. But now it appears a deeper mental illness is emerging and her worried parents are trying to help her preserve what is left of her money.

TMZ reported that she has left a trail of destruction at the Ritz-Carlton in NYC — days before she was taken in on a 5150 hold.

The site published the room, in complete upheaval with garbage, ashes, cosmetics, and even a destroyed smoke alarm can be seen in the photos taken inside Amanda’s room.

Amanda’s parents say she has a history of disabling the devices because she thinks they’re watching her, according to TMZ.

Bynes ran up a $9,000 bill over 9 days. Now her parents are petitioning to get a conservatorship to help their daughter through her dark hours.

Our thoughts are with her family; we hope she gets the help she needs.


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