All I Want is Christmas – VOD Review

A new children’s comic Christmas fable takes an unusual turn as far as Christmas movies go.  An eleven year old Jewish boy is smitten by the idea of Christmas.  Ira J. Finkelstein (Nelson) dreams of it; he’s obsessed. 

He wants in on the celebrations, the toys, traditional foods, decorations, tree and winter wonderland folks associate with the seasonal celebration.  But he’s Jewish.  It presents a special challenge for this parents and grandparents who want to see his dreams fulfilled but fear he’s gone a step too far. 

They promise him Christmas in snowy Aspen which looks just like all those cozy, wintery Christmas cards. But at the last minute they send him off to Florida to his grandparents so they can work.  Ira meets Mikey at the airport who is headed to Christmastown, Washington who would prefer to go to a sunny clime.

They’re flying unaccompanied, the perfect chance to switch identities and tickets.  And they get away with it.  Ira’s grandparents haven’t seen him in person for a while so Mikey is able to pass himself off as Ira and Ira easily passes himself off as Mikey at the other end of the country.

Safely settled in Christmastown, WA, which looks to him like a series of cute Christmas postcards, Ira is in a living dream.  Meanwhile, Mikey has bonded with his “grandparents” in Florida and is having a great time in the sun.

But of course soon, they could land in the soup – will anyone find out?  And if so when?  Will Ira experience Christmas Day in Christmastown? What lies ahead is a first “White Christmas” he’ll remember the rest of his days.

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