Alien vs. Predator Score Reviewed

The Alien VS. Predator soundtrack features the score by composer Harald Kloser. As you would expect for a film like this, the score has plenty of action cues and moments of suspense. Harald Kloser however has been successful in avoiding creating a series of monotonous action motifs and instead his result is engaging and dynamic.

The main theme of the score is introduced in the second track thoughtfully entitled ‘Alien Vs. Predator Main Theme.’ The main theme is noble and solemn and although it is very pleasant to listen to, it is also not very memorable.

For the rest of the score, Harald Kloser cleverly creates some very unusual sounding ambient noises which work well to convey the sense of suspense or uncertainty. Good examples of this are the beginning parts of the tracks ‘Antarctica’ and ‘Down The Tunnel’.

Choral voices are used well throughout the score to express a feeling of wonder and mystery, as heard in the track ‘The Pyramid.’ Harald Kloser’s use of voices also helps to give the score a balance by providing some quieter moments in what could have easily been an action dominated score. The choral voices are also used to enhance the main theme to give it more depth and a more epic feel.

Harald Kloser has created two separate sounds to distinguish between the Aliens and the Predators. Whereas the Predators are conveyed by mechanical and technological metallic sounds, the Aliens are represented by more organic sounds which at times also mirrors their cries and the whipping action of their tails. The conflict of these two characteristic motifs can be heard in tracks such as ‘Alien Fight’ and ‘Showdown’.

Whilst there are lots of interesting moments in the score, there aren’t any standout tracks which are particularly outstanding.

Alien VS. Predator is score with an interesting mix of mystery, suspense and action. It works well to create the epic feel needed to mirror the visuals of the movie. Although this soundtrack is enjoyable to listen to, it is unfortunately also forgettable as soon as you’ve finished listening to it.

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