Alicia Keys pays it forward

Refreshing to be writing about a celebrity who does something positive and enlightening for her fellow man.  Lovely chanteuse Alicia Keys has decided to make the future bright for a few lucky recipients.

No fanfare, no fuss, just little ol’ Alicia Keys announcing that she will be offering scholarships of £2,534 ($5,000) to students from four US cities: Jacksonville, New Orleans, Harlem and Atlanta.

In a press statement, Keys said: “We’re just looking for standout students who are definitely college-bound and need a little bit a help financially to really achieve their dreams.”

Alicia’s Open Doors Scholars Program is part of a non-profit organization started by Keys’s road manager D.J. Walton.

There is a catch, in return for their grants, the winners will represent the organization at school appearances, and must perform community service each semester.

Bravo Alicia.  More people stories like this one please, and less meaningless “mean girl” news.

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