Alexa Ray Joel rushed to hospital

The talented daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley has been rushed to hospital, reports the New York Post and other sources, who claim that the young singer had a possible sleeping pill overdose. 

Reports say that singer Alexa Ray Joel was rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City on Saturday.

Ms. Joel, 23, is reported to be in stable condition, according to the Post.

On her Twitter account, Alexa recently posted:

“# I will be performing twice on Dec 10 in NYC. Both performances are free + open to the public! More info:    about 17 hours ago   from web

#  Hello my dears! I just wanted to let all of my New York friends (+ surrounding areas!) know that I will be…

According to the New York Post, she allegedly ingested a large number of sleeping pills in what police are speculating might have been a possible suicide attempt.

Alexa is the only child of Billy Joel, 60, and his supermodel wife, Christie Brinkley. Brinkley and Joel married in 1984 before divorcing 10 years later.

Ms. Joel has debuted a new song titled “Invisible,” which she wrote, and met with Billy Joel’s long time guitarist and musical director, Tommy Byrnes, to produce the track.

According to her website, “Invisible” tells the story of disappointment over losing love and self-esteem and finding female empowerment.

“Every person has experienced that… where they’re just made to feel invisible by whoever it may be – a stepparent, a coworker, a friend, a loved one…” comments Alexa Ray Joel during her recent interview on the Wendy Williams Show.

Alexa appeared at a tree-lighting ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange this Thursday.

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