Album Review: Young Love – ‘Too Young to Fight It’

Young Love’s ‘Too Young to Fight It’ has a definite club rhythm and according to the website some of the tracks that were available on the Internet have found their way onto play lists of New York nightclubs. 

It definitely has that sort of sound and rhythm and you can easily imagine people dancing in a crowed New York City nightclub to it.  I imagine that “Discotech” is the one that’s all the rage in the club, but most of the songs have that driving rhythm that makes you want to go to the dance floor.  “Tragedy” and “Close to You” do have a pop feel to them so not all of the songs are dance music. 

Overall, I liked the album, especially “Discotech,” and would recommend that you keep an eye out for Young Love and his future projects. 

‘Too Young to Fight It’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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