Album Review: Yellowcard – ‘Paper Walls’

Yellowcard is a rock band hailing from Florida and consists of Ryan Key (vocals, guitar), Peter Mosely (bass), Sean Mackin (violin, vocals), Ryan Mendez (guitar), and Longineu W. Parsons III (drums).  Yes, you read that right – violin in a rock band. 

From my surfing I’ve learned that’s one of the features of this band.  “Five becomes Four” uses violin to grand (and rockin’) effect.  That’s one of my favorite tracks, but “Dear Bobbie” is the one that takes the prize.  It starts off with an old man reading a love letter to his wife and has several instances of such dialogue in the song. 

It’s extremely effective and gives you the chills in that it’s so romantic and in some way heartbreaking (since I got the impression that he might’ve been reading it to his deceased wife). 

The old man is Key’s 87-year-old grandfather reading the love letters to his wife of 58 years (who I assume is still with us since where I found this online didn’t say she was dead).  The song is extremely touching and is the one that I’d listen to over and over again on the album. 

Key even admits that his granddad’s touching words make his lyrics pale in comparison, but it’s a song to move the heartstrings.  It’s a grand album made only better by an extremely touching song.  Those in paper houses shouldn’t smoke, but the album is a hot one. 

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