Album Review: Various Artists – ‘For the Kids III’

The Nettwerk Music Group presents a third volume in a series aimed at the kids by today’s indie rockers. 

The album features some classic kids tunes including “Itsy Bitsy Spider” (O.A.R.), “The Other Day I Met a Bear” (Barenaked Ladies), “If You’re Happy and You Know It” (Anathallo), “My Darling Clementine” (The Submarines), and “Wheels on the Bus” (Kyle Andrews). 

The Sippy Cups also contribute a kid-centric version of the Monkees’ “I’m A Believer.”  I’m not too familiar with a lot of the bands, but Moby and Chrissi Pollard do a song called “Sleep So Very Long.” 

However, the favorite with myself and my coworker, who has a near two year old who’ll be in need of potty training, is “The Poopsmith Song” by Over the Rhine. “Just how’d your little brother get it smeared all over him?  Poop in the potty, poop goes in the potty.”  It will get stuck in your head like too much toilet paper getting stuck in the potty. 

Should come in handy for those tykes potty training if they can stick to those instructions.  The album is full of upbeat songs for the kids that the adults will want to groove to as well. 

This, and the other albums, might actually make those long drives not so hellish since the songs can be appreciated by all ages. 

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