Album Review: TOMI – ‘TOMI’

TOMI debuts with a self-titled album on Rosehip Records.  The R&B artist has worked with Patti Labelle, the Backstreet Boys, and countless others.  He came to Rosehip because they shared his philosophy; go with the vision in your soul, without compromise.  I can see why an artist would want such freedom and apparently Rosehip offers that. 

When I was listening to the album, one of my coworkers walked by and asked why I was listening to Michael Jackson.  I don’t think that I’d saddle TOMI with THAT baggage although some of the songs might be reminiscent of some of the great gloved loons earlier, better work. 

TOMI’s voice reminds you a bit of that fellow but I don’t think his register is that high.  The album has some good tunes on it and mixes R&B, jazz, soul, electronica, and funk and the result is something that you can definitely dance to.  

The album addresses many issues, but it seems that sex is at the forefront of TOMI’s mind as song like “Let Me Have Your Body” and “So Much Sex” attest to. 

I thought the album had a good beat, but you shouldn’t associate it with that other fellow (as my coworker did) since TOMI is a talent in his own right. 

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