Album Review: The Whigs – ‘Mission Control’

Come on, somebody step up to the plate and form a competing band called the Tories!  Seriously, I wondered if this was another set of lads from Liverpool or thereabouts when I heard the name but they turn out to be from the colonies, specifically Athens, Georgia. 

The band consists of Parker Gispert (vocals, guitar, and keyboard), Julian Dorio (drums), and Tim Deaux (bass).  Their story sounds like an inspiring one since they recorded their first album (‘Give ‘Em All a Big Fat Lip’ with original bassist Hank Sullivant who left the band in 2006) on Ebay purchased equipment in an empty frat house (and then resold the equipment to recoup the album cost). 

Rolling Stone called them “the best unsigned band in America” in 2005 and the Dave Matthews’ label ATO Records signed them up.  I’d have to say that Dave got his money’s worth since this sophomore effort rocks.  

“Like a vibration, my reputation is hanging around my neck” which no doubt refers to the band’s instruments and this album only solidifies their reputation as a band to be reckoned with. 

The band’s style has makes you think that this album couldn’t possibly just be their second, but their talent makes up for their lack of records.  They may be signed now, but their album only testifies that we should be hearing great things from this fabulous band in the future.  You were smart to sign ‘em Dave. 

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