Album Review: The Summer Obsession – ‘This is Where You Belong’

The Summer Obsession’s ‘This is Where You Belong’ is 12 tracks of guitar and drum bubble-gum pop/punk with shades of Blink 182. The album will easily appeal to its target audience, but might be lost on some listeners wanting a little more than the formula that has been well established in the music industry.

The band signed with Virgin Records, and released ‘This is Where You Belong’ in August. The album is a good debut, and has enough clever lyrics, harmonies, and fast paced guitar, piano and drums to hook you on the band’s sound. There is just not enough variety to the album to keep you hooked. Instead, the songs become formulaic and easily forgettable.

The album kicks off with “8 AM” – which features a soft piano beginning that leads into band’s blending of harmony, drums and finally fast guitar. It is a strong song, and will instantly make you like what you are hearing. It is followed by three more guitar rocking tracks – “Disappear,” “Never Coming Back,” and “Death Said.”

The band does change it up a bit on songs like “Bored” (my favorite song on the album) and “I Miss You,” but not enough to make the tracks stand out from the others on the album.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I started listening to ‘This is Where You Belong,’ and I did like some of the tracks on the album. It just doesn’t have enough variety on it to help the group break out of the studio formula that is cranking out bands that continue to just sound like copies of each other.

With that said, fans of pop mixed with some rock will enjoy this album, and it is not a bad debut from the band. The album features lots of guitar, clever lyrics, and a fast pace that never really lets up from start to finish.

‘This is Where You Belong’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information and a complete track listing.

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