Album Review: The Starting Line – ‘Direction’

The Starting Line moves more in the direction of punk rock than the other rock/pop bands that have been going across the old review desk.  Maybe it was just a change of pace but I really did like what I heard. 

They hail from Philadelphia and are Kenny Vasoli (vocals, bass, guitar), Mike Golla (lead guitar, backing vocals), Matt Watts (guitar), Tom Gryskeiwitz (drums), and Brian Schumtz (keyboards, backing vocals).  Schmutz is a new addition to the band and had been touring with them and now is a permanent fixture. 

Their last album ‘Based on a True Story’ did quite well on the Billboard charts and reached #18.  ‘Direction’ is their third effort (I suppose that third times the charm).  I really liked the chorus on “Something Left to Give” and the lyrics on “Birds.” 

“Spend the day in your bed, take your medicine, if that’s the only thing that keeps you calm.  One of these days you’ve got to get up and get out.”  I just liked the lyric and the harder edge that the band had over the other stuff that I’ve been listening to. 

This band gets out of bed and produces some driving music and it’s sure to make you sit up and take notice.

‘Direction’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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