Album Review: The Honorary Title – ‘Untouched & Intact’

The Honorary Title is a New York band consisting of Jarrod Gorbel (lead vocals, guitar), Aaron Kamstra (bass, piano, vocals), Jon Wiley (guitar, vocals), and Adam Boyd (drums). 

‘Untouched & Intact’ is an EP (extended play), which means that it doesn’t have enough songs to be considered an album.  It has only has four and it appears to be an appetizer for their upcoming album ‘Scream and Light Up the Sky’ with “Untouched & Intact” and “Along the Way” appearing on that full release. 

Uri Sharlin provides accordion on “Finally Understand” and Tim Bright provides percussion, guitar, and piano on “Finally Understand” and bass on “7 Blocks.”  Since it is an EP you can also pick it up cheaply (I saw it for about $5 or so online).  The disc is full of good songs but still feels rather abbreviated (as I suppose all Eps do). 

The songs are good and only make you want to buy the album so I guess that it’s a good thing, but such short bursts are also prone to disappointment at not having more.  I guess I’ll have to cut the review short here. 

‘Untouched & Intact’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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