Album Review: The Honorary Title – ‘Scream and Light Up the Sky’

Not too long ago I reviewed the EP that previewed this album (‘Untouched & Intact’) and liked what I heard.  Now the album has arrived and does not disappoint in what the preview had me anticipating. 

The Honorary Title is a New York band consisting of Jarrod Gorbel (lead vocals, guitar), Aaron Kamstra (bass, piano, vocals), Jon Wiley (guitar, vocals), and Adam Boyd (drums).  

The album starts off with the driving “Thin Layer” then moves into the more emotional “Stay Away.”  Although even though it does seem to get emotional it still has a driving force behind it (if that makes any sense).  In other words, it doesn’t get weepy. 

There seems to be a driving force behind many of the tunes that will have you tapping your feet (not good when you’re driving your car).  I had liked what I heard on the short EP ‘Untouched & Intact’ and the album only lived up to the appetizer and perhaps surpassed it since I came away enjoying the finished album. 

If you too liked the EP, it was available pretty cheap so you could sample it, and then you too should enjoy what you hear.

‘Scream and Light Up the Sky’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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