Album Review: The GoStation – ‘Passion before Function’

The GoStation is a New York based indie-rock band.  It consists of Doug Levy (vocals), Matt Friedlander (lead guitar), Nick Picozzi (bass), Erik Nyquist (guitar), and Justin Aaronson (drums). 

‘Passion before Function’ is their debut album, but they released an EP called ‘Quite Zone’ in 2005. 

“All Together Now” starts off the album strongly and it’s a damn fine song to my untrained ears – an upbeat and driving anthem that hits all the right notes.  That beat carries on into “Twin Six” and really hardly lets up through the rest of the album. 

“Not Enough” has a little bit of a slowdown (just a bit) but it still is a good song to sing along to.  If I had to compare them to other groups it might be REM or U2.  However, I kept coming home to “All Together Now” and it was a song that my untrained ear wanted to hear again and again. 

A strong debut album for these New York boys or at least I thought so, especially first track.  Perhaps some radio play of that rocking first track will interest the rest of the world.  They’ve made quite the impressive first album of rock anthems and hopefully they’ll only continue to rock well into the future. 

“All together now, throw the chains away, sing a song for me.”

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