Album Review: The Divine Madness – ‘Secrets’

The Divine Madness debut double album ‘Secrets’ is blend of gothic rock with elements of pop and even a touch of operatic style. The album’s two discs (dubbed ‘Paradiso’ and ‘Inferno’) are a musical trip through “Dante-like” lyrics that is well worth taking.

The band (which at times seems a dark spin on Alice in Wonderland) was formed in 2005 and consists of keyboardist Chris Ride, drummer Cano, vocalist/film composer Victoria Mazze, guitarist Moni Scaria, and bassist Michael Crawford. Founding members Mazze, Ride and Cano first approached the group as more of an “art project” – which led to more creative musical freedom.

The group’s signature sound can best be described as a mixture of classical music, 80’s New Wave, and even some influences from film composers – such as Danny Elfman. In every song, it is easy to see the blending of these influences that create a new sound belonging to The Divine Madness.

‘Secrets’ is described by the band as trip through heaven and hell. If this is true, then Mazze’s voice is the angel that guides the listener on this journey. Ride’s amazing keyboards blend with the singer’s voice creating an almost visual experience for the listener – helping the song’s poetical lyrics to come alive in each track.

Disc 1 (which features 11 tracks) kicks off with the dark toned “Haunted” which sets the pace for ‘Paradiso’ followed by the title track – which screams of Elfman’s influence and makes the album impossible to dismiss. If you are not already sold on the sound of the band, you will be by “Wish” and “Redemption.”  The two tracks demonstrate the range of Mazze’s voice and the talent of The Divine Madness. The singer and music are powerful on “Wish” and absolutely haunting on “Redemption.”

Disc 2 (which features 12 tracks) starts with the more electronic dance sound of “Total Addiction” –showing some of the band’s New Wave influence. It is followed by the dark toned “The Future” – demonstrating how hard The Divine Madness can rock. The song is a mix of guitar rock with a chorus (which has a great hook) that raises it to a quasi power ballad. The track is followed by the equally dark rock toned “Precious” – featuring Crawford’s thumping bass lines and Cano’s driving drums. “The Sorrow” once again demonstrates the power of Ride’s keyboards blended with the beauty of Mazze’s voice. ‘Inferno’ ends with the electric-pop influenced “Until the Break of Day.” The song leaves you wanting more from the band, and ready to start the trip all over again with ‘Paradiso.’

I have been a fan of The Divine Madness since hearing their EP release ‘Precious.’ Their new album takes the sound that was established in the EP and in L.A. club scenes (where they have been making a name for themselves) and lifts it to even greater heights.

The group has the perfect combination of rock, pop, and classical influences. They simply have something to offer every listener and I highly recommend taking the chance on their debut double album. ‘Secrets’ is the perfect beginning for the band, and I can’t wait to hear future releases from the group.

‘Secrets’ is currently available at CD Baby, Amoeba Music, Artist Direct, Virgin, and iTunes. Visit the band’s website for more information.

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