Album Review: The Click Five – ‘Modern Times and Pastimes’

“It’s been a long long time since everything was cool.”  The Click Five return with this new album, but also seem to include something that harkens back to other times. 

My untrained eye tells me that they patterned their CD cover after Atlantic LP releases of the past (could be wrong on that one).  The CD also reminded me of a LP too.  They start off “Flipside” harmonizing that put me in the mind of a jazz record, but then they start to rock. 

The band hails from Boston, Massachusetts and consists of Kyle Patrick (lead vocal, guitar), Joe Guese (lead guitar), Ethan Mentzer (bass, backing vocals), Ben Romans (keyboards, backing vocals), and Joey Zehr (drums, backing vocals). 

They scored some success with “Just the Girl” (reaching #11 on the Billboard charts) from their debut album ‘Greetings from Irmie House.’  To me, they seemed to be covering some past ground – “Addicted to Me” reminded me of an 80s song for example.  “Headlight Disco” reminded me of disco, but much more listenable. 

I really liked what I heard and think that some of the songs definitely have the listenability to replicate some chart success for the band. 

‘Modern Times and Pastimes’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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