Album Review: The Black Keys – ‘Attack and Release’

The Black Keys are a duo from Akron, Ohio.  They consist of Dan Auerbach (vocals, guitar) and Patrick Carney (drums).  The name of their band comes from an interesting place. 

You may assume that it’s from the keys on a piano (and can be used if you so desire), but the duo knew a schizophrenic Akron artist who referred to them as “black keys” which was the term he used to refer to people who “weren’t quite right.” 

Well the duo may be so (and confess to mowing lawns for a slumlord as their meeting of the musical minds on their bio at their website) but their music is exactly right.  It’s a mix of blues and rock and is very pleasing to this critic’s ears (untrained as they are).  It has a laid back, southern feel to it and wouldn’t be out of place coming out of a club down Naw’lins way (or New Orleans if you desire).

In some ways it reminded me of the occasional gospel tune, with the inclusion of the organ riff on “All you Ever Wanted.”  That being said the lads are not afraid to let the guitars wail or rock out. 

I found it a great mix of several different genres and an album sure to please.  Nothing I’d want to attack but something that I found difficult to release from my CD player. 

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