Album Review: The Afters – ‘Never Going Back to OK’

An alternative title might be “Never going back to Starbucks” since the band was formed while some the founding members were employed there and they pulled the band together (and even performed there) by adding some fellow Starbucks employees. 

The band consists of Joshua Havens (vocals, guitar), Matt Fuqua (vocals, guitars), Brad Wigg (bass), and Marc Dodd (drums).  The band is popular on Christian charts, but that shouldn’t keep the non-believers away as I really didn’t hear anything that would pigeonhole them into any particular genre.

In fact, they have a song called “MySpace Girl” that’s been making the rounds as a viral video (you may find it in your inbox one day, if not already).  The band has a strong sound and if you dismiss them because of thinking “ah, it’s only a Christian band” then you’ll be making a big mistake. 

“Never going back to OK” is a throbbing anthem and “Beautiful Words” is a great ballad with some great lyrics. 

There’s quite the venti sized amount of great songs on the album and OK doesn’t even come close to describing them.  I don’t think these lads will be going back to serving Frappuccinos anytime soon if they keep making this quality of song.  Cheers. 

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