Album Review: Tegan & Sara – ‘The Con’

When I hear the name Tegan, I think of a certain time traveler and his blue police box – but that’s just the geek in me.  This Canadian duo is twins Tegan and Sara Quin.  They got their start winning a music competition in Alberta, Canada and ended up touring with a roster of famous names (including Neil Young and signing with his Vapor Records). 

‘The Con’ is their fifth album and follows their successful fourth album ‘So Jealous’ (which was nominated for alternative album of the year in 2006’s Juno Awards).  ‘The Con’ is produced by Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Wallas and Jason McGerr of the same on drums.  Guests also include Matt Sharp (Weezer/The Rentals) on bass, Hunter Burgan (AFI) on bass, and Kaki King on guitar. 

“Are You Ten Years Ago” features a drum beat under the vocal styling of Tegan and Sara that might be appropriate for the dance floor.  It’s followed by the bouncy, piano-driven “Back in your Head.”  My favorite might be “Burn Your Life Down” and “Dark Come Soon.” 

Both had some good lyrics and beats and they just struck me.  The pair is a striking duo and quite the songwriters (both share the duty).  They might have another hit on their hands and repeat the success of ‘So Jealous.’

‘The Con’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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