Album Review: Steve Aoki – ‘Pillowface and his Airplane Chronicles’

Steve Aoki is a well known California DJ and the founder of Dim Mak Records.  It should come as no surprise that his debut album is on that label, no big shock huh?  Since I’m not in California, where his fame is widespread so I’ve heard, I had no idea who exactly he was. 

He comes from successful stock as his father Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki is a former Olympic wrestler and founded the Benihana restaurant chain and his sister Devon is an actress (made an impression as Mehi in the Sin City movie).

His debut puts his mixing skills to the test and also includes guest vocals from Steve Bays (of Hot Hot Heat), Todd Fink (of the Faint), Spank Rock, Mickey Avalon, Uffie, Pase Rock, Kid Sister, Amanda Blank, and Santogold (called “Guest Drops” on the tracks). 

I’m one that thinks that club music heard outside of the club just doesn’t sound right, but Aoki has collected his favorite mixers together, including a few that are on his own label, to make this compilation. 

I can’t say that anything is really terrible, but it does sound like you’d be more at home listening to these as you gyrate around on the dance floor instead of at your desk at work (as I did today). 

The most interesting track to me was “Does it Offend You, Yeah?” which sets out to do just that.  It’s an interesting album that you might want to pick up to have on at your next party. 

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