Album Review: Seven Mary Three – ‘Day & Nightdriving’

Cumbersome is defined as difficult to handle or use or not elegant or graceful in expression.  It’s also defined as a number one hit for Seven Mary Three and may not be a word to describe the band in any way. 

That hit caused their next album, ‘American Standard,’ to make it to platinum status.  Jason Ross (lead vocals, guitar), Thomas Juliano (guitars, vocals), Casey Daniel (bass), and Giti Khalsa (drums) now release their seventh album and no doubt hope for the same amount of success. 

I hate to make such predictions for want of being proven wrong, but I think that they may have another hit on their hands.  I thought the songs were great and each one seemed better than the last, or at least as appealing. 

I liked the jaunty “Dreaming Against Me” and the opener (and first single) “Last Kiss” was also good.  If the band gets lot of radio-play and the numbers are good then I think that it may do well (but I make no promises, nobody can predict these things). 

Heck, even if it doesn’t burn up the charts those that seek it out will find a fine album that you’ll want in the car to drive to during all sorts of hours. 

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