Album Review: Sean Costello – ‘We Can Get Together’

Appearances can be deceiving since I thought by the cover of the album that I would hear some indie rock.  Imagine my ear’s surprise and delight when I hit play on the CD player and his guitar began to wail. 

Costello began playing guitar at the ripe old age of nine and had won the Memphis Blues Society New Talent Award when he hit fourteen.  It’s well deserved as he knows the blues as well as several other genres, not to mention that he excels in them all.  Costello wanted to recreate the feel of clubs in Atlanta, Georgia that would play a mix of tunes. 

So he references a number of influences on ‘We Can Get Together’ (effectively getting them together) that range from doo-wop to English or Southern rock. 

‘Told Me a Lie” is a song that has a definite Naw’Lins flavor (reminded me of a New Orleans funeral procession that starts off somber, but without the jazzy ending).  “Little Birds” sounds like a bluesman’s lament around the closing time of the club (or life?). 

Costello deserves all the rewards that he can muster since he’s got a smoky vocal quality and can play that guitar.  My ears were sad when the last track played but hitting play again got them in better spirits. 

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