Album Review: Saving Jane – ‘One Girl Revolution’

Saving Jane in an Ohio band consisting of lead singer Marti Dodson, Pat Buzzard, Dak Goodman, and Jeremy Martin.  Marti is the one girl revolution in the band and that girl wants to let you know that females in the music industry and not just sex symbols but have brains too.  Oh yeah, she’s pretty hot too. 

The track “One Girl Revolution” is her anthem about staging such a revolt against those that have a stereotypical view about women because she’s “not the girl next door anymore.”  She may be hot, but don’t think that she’s not got a brain.

Dodson covers a wide range of topics including cigarette addiction (“Nicotine” – “You never really needed me the way you need nicotine”) and ex-boyfriends (“Loser” – “I don’t miss you and I don’t wish you would call, I’ve been happy since the day we hit the wall”). 

Not only does Jane stage a one girl revolution but she and the band make a fine album that can be enjoyed by all the sexes.  It’s really a good album and you don’t have to be “revolting” or a girl to enjoy the great music that it has on it. 

‘One Girl Revolution’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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