Album Review: Sarah Melson – ‘Dirty Mind’

Dirty mind?  That’s exactly what I look for in a woman [insert rimshot here].  According to her website, Sarah Melson was raised in West Lafayette, Indiana as the child of two professors with a house crammed with books. 

Not only books but her parent’s record collection (remember those vinyl discs kiddies?) and it influenced her writing both musically and otherwise.  She lists some of her favorites as the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and David Bowie amongst others. 

Listening to her debut, I can hear echoes of each of those influences (“Never Been Hurt” reminds me of Dylan, “Hard Pressed” brings Bowie to mind (and is probably my favorite since I’m a Bowie fan as well)) but I also hear a powerful new voice on the scene.  Not that she apes those performers but seems to channel them into her work and the tribute worked for me. 

One of her songs, “Feel It Coming,” was featured on the show Grey’s Anatomy so watchers of that show might be familiar with the tune.  Really good stuff to my untrained ear and it probably didn’t hurt that she’s a hottie. 

All joshing aside, Melson made a great debut album and hopefully the television exposure will bring this singing/songwriting talent to a greater number of listeners.  She’s got a fan here. 

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