Album Review: Sakai – ‘Dream Big’

Sakai is a San Franciscan singer.  She’s the first voice you hear on Dion’s “A New Day.”  She’s also worked with Curtis Mayfield, Steve Winwood, and Aretha Franklin.  She’s also performed on the VH-1 Awards with Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Winwood again, and Chaka Khan. 

She’s now decided to step from the supporting cast onto the track of a solo artist.  According to the copyright on her album ‘Dream Big’ it was done in 2004, but now Family Tree Productions is gearing up to give it a wider release. 

The album starts off with some flirtatious byplay between the singer and a male voice and then launches into a sexy number called “I Like.”  “I Need Something” is also a pair of lovers planning a rendezvous. 

“Dream Big” doesn’t continue the sex parade but encourages the listener to fulfill their potential and seems to be more toward soul and gospel.  I wouldn’t exactly expect the mention of sex in such a thoughtful, inspirational, and seemingly religious song, but you never know. 

I thought that Sakai has a great voice and even reminded me of Aretha on some of the tracks.  I think that her time to step away from the supporting roles has come and she has the vocal power to make it work. 

‘Dream Big’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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