Album Review: Rocko – ‘Self-Made’

Rocko is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who also happens to be the boyfriend of singer Monica (and the daddy to her two babies).  He strikes out on his own and ‘Self-Made’ is his debut album. 

However, the album sounds rather formulaic and his growl to “listen to these tracks bitch!” on “Umma do me” falls on deaf ears.  He seems to be more concerned with telling us that he’s got Gucci’s (and other brand names), cars, and money more than doing something other than ordinary with this release.
With such lyrics as “I love to do this shit because I love to do this shit” it seems like he can’t get much beyond the fortune cookie.  I see he’s also a producer so I hope that he can spot better talent than he can produce with this album. 

I’m not exactly the biggest rap fan (and that probably didn’t help) but I found it just more of same and really didn’t do anything to stand out amongst the other rapper startups. It’s probably because I can say that in a review because I can say that in a review.  He may have the Gucci’s but it’s probably from being a producer and not a rapper.

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