Album Review: Rilo Kiley – ‘Under the Blacklight’

Some child actors rob liquor stores in their retirement while others form rock bands.  Luckily for Jenny Lewis (lead vocals, keyboard, guitar) and Blake Sennett (guitar, vocals) they chose the latter (though they may be saving their robbery spree for another day). 

Lewis appeared in the films Troop Beverly Hills, The Wizard, and Pleasantville while Sennett was on television in “Salute Your Shorts” and “Boy Meets World.”  They’re joined by Pierre de Reeder (bass, keyboards, vocals) and Jason Boesel (drums) who are neither former child actors nor liquor store robbers to my knowledge.  ‘Under the Blacklight’ is their fourth album. 

Their song “The Moneymaker” is supposed to be about the porn industry (it didn’t strike me as such when I first heard it, but if you say so) and they employed real porn stars in the video.  Maybe it’s my untrained ear, but “Silver Lining” and “Close Call” sound so familiar – like they were cover songs.  Since I just got the disc and didn’t get the liner notes, I can’t confirm or deny such rumors. 

I did like what I heard but several of the songs seem a little less lyric heavy (just repeating a line over and over again).  Well, if they don’t sell this album well they may be coming to a liquor store near you – they’ll be the ones with the guns and ski masks.

‘Under the Blacklight’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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