Album Review: Ricky Skaggs – ‘The High Notes’

Hello, welcome to Cracker Barrel.  I’ll be right back with your rolls and cornbread.  While you’re waiting would you like a side of Ricky Skaggs?  But seriously, the country music legend and the home-style eatery have teamed up to promote this bluegrass interpretation of his greatest hits.

Both the food at the restaurant and the album are delicious.  Skaggs has had multiple number one hits and has a number of awards under his belt (and perhaps even a serving or two of those tasty chicken and dumplings from CB, they’re my favorite too Ricky). 

Each of the tunes is given a fresh bluegrass interpretation that seems to go along with the home cooking, though some of them sound very familiar to their original counterparts.  “Crying My Heart Out Over You” sounds very much like the original, but there might be more mandolin and banjo this time around. 

“Heartbroke” has some nice bluegrass breakdowns as well as “Highway 40 Blues.”  Like one of memaw’s hot biscuits these really hit the spot (rest in peace memaw, sadly nobody makes them anymore). 

Next time you’re in the restaurant you can pick up a copy and have something to tickle your ears as well as fill your belly. 

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.