Album Review: Richard Julian – ‘Sunday Morning in Saturday’s Shoes’

When I got the album to review I wondered if he might be the love child of Leon Redbone since his looks were similar (sans dark sunglasses and Panama hat that is).  If not the physical love child then he’s certainly a musical cousin even if Julian doesn’t have that trademark vocal quality that I associate with Redbone. 

Although dissimilar vocally both men are talented singer/songwriters and Julian has a bluesy and folk music quality that’s most appealing to my untrained ears, powerful and at the same time laidback and homey. 

Julian pays tribute to his native town with ‘Brooklyn in the Morning’ and paints a vivid picture with his music of the borough.  ‘God III’ is a jaunty little tune that has a wicked sense of humor.  Thanks to Joe Cacciola (Mixologist of NYC is his credit) there’s even a selection of cocktail recipes that you can imbibe as you listen to each song (some of them sound rather tasty). 

Julian is a talent that I had not heard of and now am extremely pleased to make his acquaintance.  I hope to raise a glass to his next release and hope that it’s as fantastic as this one was.

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