Album Review: Priscilla Ahn – ‘A Good Day’

As I listened to Priscilla Ahn’s debut album ‘A Good Day’ several co-workers walked by and would hear it, pause, listen, and then ask “who is that?  I like it.”  I’d have to agree with those anecdotal reviews and say that I like her too.

Ahn lived in Pennsylvania and was told by a college music professor to skip college and move to Los Angeles.  I can’t believe that this is good advice to accept, but that’s what she did. 

In her case, it appears to have worked out (but I caution that LA is a boulevard of broken dreams – beware).  Ahn has an angelic voice and serves double duty as the songwriter on the majority of the songs (she co-wrote “Astronaut” and covers other artists’ work on two more, “Masters in China” by Benji Hughes and “Opportunity to Cry” by Willie Nelson). 

That’s not to say that there’s not room for improvement as some of the songs are too sweet, but I found her debut delightful and at least two people walking by my office did as well.  I think that a wonderful new voice has been found and look forward to hearing more from her in the future.

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