Album Review: Paul Oakenfold – ‘Greatest Hits and Remixes’

Paul Oakenfold is a remixer, disc jockey, and record producer of note.  IN fact, in 2002 he was named as one of the “50 Bands to See Before You Die” by Q magazine.  This compilation brings together a selection of his greatest hits and remixes and even updates some of those remixes. 

So if you’re planning on shuffling off the ole’ mortal coil soon it might me more feasible to get his album instead of hauling your life support to one of his concerts.  I’ve made it no secret that sometimes remixes can be somewhat monotonous and use the same beat over and over again. 

However, I did like Oakenfold’s work and he’s worked with or for an impressive amount of talent as represented on the disc.  Names like Justin Timberlake (“My Love” remix), Radiohead (“Everything in its Right Place” remixed newly for his album), Madonna (“Sorry” remix), and U2 (“Beautiful Day” remix). 

There are also some original compositions and “Faster Kill Pussycat” where he collaborates with Brittany Murphy.  He also takes a stab at the movies (and a lot of his stuff does appear in them) by remixing the James Bond theme (David Arnold’s for Die Another Day) and Hans Zimmer’s Pirates of the Caribbean music. 

It was nice to hear this stuff and you’ll definitely want to get up and dance to it. 

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