Album Review: Oslo – ‘The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate’

Oslo is a rock band from California consisting of Mattia Borrani (vocals, guitar), Kerry Wayne James (bass), Gabrial McNair (guitar), Charlie Walker (drums), and Damon Ramirez (keyboards). 

‘The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate’ is their sophomore effort behind their self-titled debut in 2005.  Not being familiar with their freshmen effort I can’t say that I know if this one is an improvement or not.  I can say that I my freshmen hearing of their second album was well received by my senior ears (well, maybe junior depending on your definition of old). 

The first track “Slowdrive” is really good and has some good lyrics.  “On my Mind” is good as well, but is a bit brief at 2 minutes compared to “Slowdrive.”  The band has a melodic sound that is appealing and has an “indie” edge to it that I think would be appealing to the college students amongst us (just another reason for the many annoying references to freshmen, etc.). 

However, I think that the band will have a multi-educational appeal and worth a listen if you’re interested.  No matter the level of your educational experience, the band scores an “A.” 

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