Album Review: Omillio Sparks – ‘The Payback’

Jerry Lewis got in trouble for using the word “fag” and Eddie Griffin, a black comedian, got thrown off the stage for using the “N word.”  Well, Omillio would find himself in the same trouble with the first song on this solo album debut (although he doesn’t abbreviate as Lewis did and adds the “got” to the end of the term on the tune) and add some “F-bombs” to the tally. 

Omillio (aka Kenneth Johnson) hails from Philly (aka Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and was a member of State Property, a group of rappers from Philly.  Now he’s moved to a new label and decided to go out on his own. 

I suppose I should mention that rap is just not my cup of java, so I don’t know that I’m exactly qualified to give an opinion about this album. 

The sound really reminded me of something I’d call “old school” with just Omillio, his rhymes, and a beat.  I guess if that’s your cupa then you’ll like this album.  I did like the line on ‘Don’t Break’ about “DVDs need to be seen in the widescreen” so maybe Omillio and I have more in common that I first imagined.  Peace, out.

‘The Payback’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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