Album Review: Olivia Newton-John – ‘Olivia’s Live Hits’

Olivia Newton-John is a survivor and has been hitting the charts since her heydays of the late 70s and early 80s, not only that but she’s a breast cancer survivor and an advocate for the disease. 

In 2007 she performed live at the Sydney Opera House and that concert was recorded and released onto DVD and now the songs have been compiled onto this CD.  What might disappoint fans is that he CD pares them down to about half of what was shown on the DVD. 

However, the CD does represent several of her number one hits, including “Have you Never Been Mellow,” “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” and “Physical.”  She even duets with an unknown fellow (my preview copy didn’t have liner notes) on “You’re the One that I Want.” 

“Physical” is amusing in that it’s slowed down to the point that it sound like the muzak version instead of the up-tempo hit that I remember from when the movie came out.  You can even take a trip to “Xanadu” if you want, although that song only barely got in the top ten (eight, if memory serves). 

Fans might want to consider getting the DVD for the full concert, but this CD does offer a wonderful performance by a fine lady (even if doesn’t want to get as “Physical” as she originally did).

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