Album Review: National Product – ‘Luna’

‘Luna’ is the third album of the rock band National Product, but the band’s other two albums didn’t make too big a splash on the mainland.  The band hails from the land of Don Ho, Hawaii, but don’t expect to hear “Tiny Bubbles” on this rocking album. 

The band members are Danny Casler (vocals), Nathan Elliot (bass), Dan Niles (keyboards), Stan Moniz (guitar), Jeff Feuerhaken (guitar), and Rob Caveney (drums). 

The album starts off with the pounding “By All Means” but then moves into the slow beginning of “Collision” but speeds up as the song goes along… not unlike a collision (wakka, wakka, wakka). 

“Love Me” does move into ballad territory but still has some moments of rocking beat.  They even go acoustic with “Where Do You Go.” 

The album is a mixture of tempos and will have something that everyone can rock to.  I imagine that you’ll be hearing some of these songs on the radio soon and not just in the Aloha state. 

There may even be some crossover potential since the tracks run the range of musical influences.  About the only thing that I didn’t hear in the many songs was a reference to the Hawaii 5-0 theme, but it may be in there somewhere. 

‘Luna’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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