Album Review: Natalie Walker – ‘Urban Angel’

Natalie Walker is a musician from Indiana that’s now setting out on her own.  She had been a member of the band Daughter Darling, but has now moved on to a solo career. 

She joined Daughter Darling in 2002 after answering an online ad seeking a singer.  They released their first album, ‘Sweet Shadows,’ in 2003.  They were planning another album but the group decided that they had grown apart and plans for the album were scrapped.  After those plans fell through she decided to set out on her own and ‘Urban Angel’ was the result. 

The album has a haunting and dreamlike quality.  Walker has a good voice and even exudes an airy sexuality as well as being “gentle” on the ears.  She takes a song like “Crush” that sounds like the song of young love and follows it with “Quicksand” that sounds like young love gone bad. 

I liked the contrasting nature of those two songs and combined with her great vocals it’s a consummation devoutly to be wished.  I think that those who know of her from her association with her first group or those looking for a gentle change of pace will appreciate what she does with ‘Urban Angel.’

‘Urban Angel’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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