Album Review: Missy Higgins – ‘On a Clear Night’

Australian singer Missy Higgins returns for her second studio album.  Her first album ‘The Sound of White’ was a solid hit in Australia and went on to be certified Platinum and won “album of the year, best pop release, breakthrough artist, and highest selling album” at the 2005 Australian Record Industry Association awards. 

It’s with great anticipation that Australia’s eyes (or is that ears?) turns towards her latest release, ‘On a Clear Night.’  This version comes across the old reviewing desk with Australian version in parentheses after the title, so I assume that this has not hit U.S. shores in wide release as of yet (Higgins is touring and the album is in limited release, with a wider release coming in early 2008).

The album is in a word fantastic and features some soulful ballads (such as “Forgive Me”) and some great upbeat numbers (like “Steer”).  I think that Missy may have another hit on her hands. 

My favorite track is probably “Angela” that is a “danger he’s addicted to” as well as an addictive song (although it amuses me when she says Angeler, Aussie accent you know).  This seems to favor numerous guitar riffs. 

However, I’m caught between “Angela” and “Peachy” as favorite tracks, what’s a poor reviewer to do?  Whatever the case, it’s a great album and sure to cause some traffic when in wider release. 

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.