Album Review: Minipop – ‘A New Hope’

Minipop is a band consisting of Tricia Kanne (vocals), Nick Forte (bass), Matthew Swanson (guitar/keyboards) and Lauren Grubb (drums).  Tricia Kanne’s vocals have a haunting, dreamlike quality but the band does have an upbeat tempo, such as in the opening number “Like I Do.” 

“Someone to Love” mellows down a bit more, but is still a good song.  The songs are a combination of Kanne’s ethereal delivery with some pop melodies and Grubb’s drums.  Most of the tunes are upbeat, but “Wearing Thin” takes a more somber tone and “My Little Bee” also seems to have a certain melancholy to it. 

The other song named after an insect, “Butterflies,” is positively bouncy and full of color.  The album is very good with both types of tempos and Kanne’s great vocals.  They’re not afraid to rock, but Kanne’s vocals seem to be made for melancholy since she sound like a somewhat wounded angel. 

The rest of the band fills in with some driving or slow beats depending on the intention of the song.  A very good album for your many moods whether they are darker or lighter, all anchored to the vocals of Tricia Kanne.

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