Album Review: Midnight Movies – ‘Lion the Girl’

Midnight Movies is the name of the band but the songs might put you more in the mood for some of those type flicks that are played in the witching hour.  The band consists of Gena Olivier (vocals), Larry Schemel (guitar), Sandra Vu (drums), and Ryan Wood (bass). 

Lead singer Olivier has a strange, melancholy quality to her vocals and combined with some of the sound effects they put in a few songs it sound like something that you’d hear in a fever dream or horror film (although not Rocky Horror, which is the movie I most recall being screened at midnight – Let’s do the time warp again). 

So those horror hounds may well want to give the band a listen, although only if your tastes fall to the more ethereal sounds.  Not to say that all the songs belong in one of Val Lewton’s films since some of the just sound like pop songs but there seems to always be an undercurrent of melancholy punctuated by driving guitar riffs. 

“Two Years” is one such song in that it moves along at a faster pace, blasts some riffs, and then ends with special effect sounds that envision the winds whipping through the graveyard or a haunted house (although gently and not like hokey witch cackles from a sound effects album). 

The album should fit into your Halloween plans well.

‘Lion the Girl’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.   

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