Album Review: Mick Jagger – ‘Very Best of Mick Jagger’

When you think of Mick Jagger more than likely you also think about the Rolling Stones.  What you may not think about is that Mick has done four albums without the Stones from 1985 till 2001. 

This new collection from Rhino brings those songs from those solo works (‘She’s the Boss (1985),’ ‘Primitive Cool (1987),’ ‘Wandering Spirit (1993),’ and ‘Goddess in the Doorway (2001)’) together as well as adding some bits he did with guest stars. 

The biggest guest star track is “Dancing in the Street” with David Bowie, which the duo recorded as a single for the Live Aid charity.  Mick also appears with Dave Stewart (“Old Habits Die Hard”) and Peter Tosh (“Don’t Look Back”).  The complication features his first solo work without the Stones, “Memo from Turner” from the film Performance. 

There are also three unreleased tracks, “Charmed Life,” “Too Many Cooks (Spoil the Soup),” and “Checkin’ Up on My Baby” (with the Red Devils). 

Whether you’re a fan of the Stones or just of Jagger, this compilation offers a great way to collect some fine work from that fellow with the devilish grin.  You don’t have to be a member of the “Knights of Prosperity” to be able affords this selection of his solo efforts.

‘Very Best of Mick Jagger’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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