Album Review: Melee – ‘Devils & Angels’

Melee is a rock band from California consisting of Chris Cron (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Ricky Sans (guitar), Ryan Malloy (bass) and Mike Nader (drums). 

‘Devils & Angels’ is their second album, with their debut being 2004’s ‘Everyday Behavior,’ but this new album marks their first time being on a major label (Warner Bros. Records). 

The boys seem to be ready for primetime since their major label debut is one that rocks.  The album is full of an incredible energy and all the songs have that certain something that will have your toes tapping. 

The album starts off strong with the relationship song “Built to Last” and although it’s about relationships it does rock.  It only gets getter from there.  My favorite might be the bonus track of a cover of Hall and Oates’ “You Make My Dreams.”

A melee is defined as either a “noisy riotous fight” or “smallish diamonds.”  I’d have to go with the diamonds definition in this case since the album is full of songs that have the same value as a diamond and I enjoyed all of them. 

They’re definitely deserving of a bigger label since the album doesn’t have any chunks of coal on it. 

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