Album Review: Manchester Orchestra – ‘I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child’

‘I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child’ is a title that sort’ve makes you go “Huh?”  However it is the debut album of rock band Manchester Orchestra (hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and not from across the pond as I first thought).

The band is Andy Hull (vocals, lyrics, guitars and keyboards), Jonathan Corley (bass), Chris Freeman (keyboards, percussion, vocals), Jeremiah Edmond (drums, percussion), and Robert McDowell (guitar).  They’ve been quite heavy on the tour circuit (SXSW, Lollapalooza, etc.) and I might’ve never guessed that this is their debut album. 

I suppose all that time on the road has worked the kinks out.  “Wolves at Night” starts the album off great and is a good start to the album and features the titular line of the album (“I’m like a virgin losing a child, so lonely”).  The album has a number of diverse songs, including both the rock out ones and some sentimental ones. 

I really liked the style of the band (especially since I was expecting a real orchestra – meaning more like classical music) and thought it was a great beginning to what should be a fine career for the band.  Great stuff. 

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