Album Review: Machan – ‘Motion of Love’

Machan is the child of a Japanese jazz vocalist and a G.I.  Her parents met when dad booked the jazz trio in an officer’s club during WWII.  Her unique look is from her parentage but her sound is heavily jazz influenced as well. 

She’s been a singer for Sting, Pink Floyd, Pat Benatar, and Aretha Franklin so she’s no stranger to the music world.  She made her self-titled debut album in 2004 and is now returning with the ‘Motion of Love.’ 

The interior photo makes her look like a Bonnie Raitt type, but her style on the album is definitely more towards a jazzy sound than that photo would indicate.  She’s joined by guest artists Randy Brecker (trumpet), Danny Lewis (keyboards), John Medeski (organ), John Scofield (electric guitar), and Portinho (drums) on some songs. 

Now you should be cautioned (not meaning it’s bad) that her style runs toward what I’d call easy listening.  She has a very nice voice and lends itself well to the jazzy theme of the album. 

Just fair warning to those that might think they’re heading into rockin’ Bonny Raitt territory.  It may be a bit laid back but Machan knows how to lend her voice to the songs.  It’s actually very relaxing.

‘Motion of Love’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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