Album Review: Luna Halo – ‘Luna Halo’

Luna Halo is a rock band consisting of Nathan Barlowe (vocals, guitar), Cary Barlowe (guitar), Aaron Jenkins (bass), and Chris Coleman (drums).  I suppose what is interesting is that in 2000 when the band first sprang up is that their debut album was put out on a Christian label and they were considered a Christian band. 

Some membership changes occurred and in 2005 they signed with American Recordings/Columbia Records and they were a “Christian” band no more.  They definitely don’t sound like a Christian band and definitely have sold their souls to rock and roll. 

So in their new configuration I wonder how there old fans will react to buying the CD and expecting something entirely different.  However, those not familiar with the group need not worry since more than likely they wouldn’t know about their history and the band does rock. 

The songs are really rather good and lead singer Nathan Barlowe knows how to tear up a song.  It’s very listenable and the tunes are ones that you’ll want to hear again and again.  They may have “lost” their religion (well, the label at least), but they haven’t lost the ability to make a great album. 

Give them a listen if you’re looking for some good music.

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